Videos and the Media

I realized as I watched the news that I’m becoming more and more skeptical of videos shown on the news (and audio clips).  Such videos no longer have that same shock impact, or unbiased observer they once had years ago where a video was proof positive of what happened.

News agencies are being caught more and more having doctored the video, or leaving out some important part.  They filter the video for their own political narrative these days.

Questions are raised in my head about if the video was edited.  What happened before the video occurred?  Is it staged?  What else was going on?

The simple questions we all should ask when seeing videos.

Instead we live in a society where technology allows us to not only video something on our phone, but edit and post it to a social media, YouTube, or other in a very short time.  What happens next is even more disturbing.

People see this video, and without bothering to think, are immediately outraged due to SJWing, and they share it with their friends, who share it as well among the like-minded bubble group.

News agency pick it up, run with it for a day, the real story comes out which disproves the vast majority of things in the video, or put a different spin on the person who is supposed to be a victim.  What happens?  The story is quietly dropped and the media moves on to the next story which furthers their political agenda.

Meanwhile they’ve tarnished an innocent person or group at the expense of being political.

All I ask, is the next time you see a news video going viral, ask questions, wait to make a judgement before rushing in.  Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.  And I’m talking to both sides as we all do it.

Think, use common sense.