Hunger Strike At Yale

So, let’s ask the question.  When is a hunger strike, not a hunger strike?

Answer: when its done by college snowflakes at Yale University.

Yep, the students there are going on a hunger strike, but its not really a hunger strike.  You see, they may eat when they feel hungry.  A pamphlet posted on twitter states that the strikers may leave and get food when they feel they can’t go on.

Gandhi, they are not.

The hunger strike is symbolic they say as a way to get the university to grant them better union benefits.

So what makes this ‘hunger’ strike even funnier.

It appears the Young Republicans on campus decided to help out.  How did they do that?  They had a BBQ.

Yep, they held a BBQ nearby.  Of course the left goes ape shit over this, saying how mean they are and such.  The comments the left makes about this only shows their hatred of the right at all costs.

Even saw one comment stating that these Republicans don’t know anything of sacrificing themselves for a cause.  The guy better look again, because neither do these snowflake leftists.  After all, why stage a hunger strike for symbolic purposes when you can still eat.

Like a lot of things on the left, the hunger strike isn’t a hunger strike, like a man is actually a woman, or a white person is actually black, and on and on.