Flag Burning

There has been a lot of news lately about flag burning, including if the government should make it illegal to do so.

Personally, it is a freedom of speech, but one which those who do it fail to understand that doing so opens you up to rebuttal and criticism.  Burning the flag doesn’t make you immune to someone else using their freedom of speech to criticize your actions.

However, moving on, there is a push by some on the right to make it illegal to burn the flag.  Of course liberals are upset over this.

How dare conservatives do this to limit our freedom of speech.  They are Nazis.

Let’s rewind it about 11 years. and see what democrats were doing back then?

Uh-oh!  Trouble.

See this, a bill from the Senate?  Its bill S.1911 and it poses a problem for democrats.

Its a bill to make it a crime to burn the flag and that such actions causes distress to a number of citizens.

It proposed a $100,000 fine and up to a year of jail, or both, to offenders.  And if you burned a government flag the penalty was $250,000 or two years of jail, or both.

This is a problem for democrats.  This is in the public record, and on congress.gov where people can go and look up all bills proposed or passed by congress.

But it gets even worse for democrats.  It appears that their golden princess, Hillary Clinton, is a cosponsor of the bill, along with three other democrats.  In fact, all the cosponsors are democrats.

Guess they too considered it a crime to burn the American flag and recognized how stupid it was.  Now they look foolish suggesting that Trump or some conservatives not want a law passed.