Brits Exit EU

In a shocker, British citizens have voted to leave the European Union.

Now, as a result the media is flooded with fear mongering about an economic collapse and worse.

Will such things happen?  Its actually anyone’s guess at best.  But going straight to fear will not help anything, and will only make things worse.  But is that what the media wants?  Perhaps.

This vote was many different issues, and one is important.  A sovereign nation enforcing its boundaries.  With the influx of immigrants from places like Syria, and a spreading rise of crime and other things the citizens decided to stand up for themselves.

Britain is already having troubles with muslims immigrating into its country and becoming part of their country.  There are many reports of culture clash as muslim culture tries to push the British culture underground and away.

So a vote to leave the EU really is not surprising when one steps back and looks at what is going on.

The real question will be when will Germany’s government understand that its people are becoming more and more uneasy with this influx of muslim migrants into their country.