Fighting Back

With the number of islam refugees soaring, and government officials bending over backwards to accommodate the influx of these ‘refugees’, things have escalated quickly lately.

There are a growing number of reports of crime, rape and other incidents against women in the areas where these refugees have settled down.

However, in spite of the lack of protection by the government, the citizens are starting to rise up despite what the government claims and the PC crowd.

In Turkey one perverted muslim man learned that not all women are going to lie down and take the assaults.  After groping the woman, she slaps him several times.  That wouldn’t be the worst of it for this man.  Instead the other woman gang up on him in a deserved beat down.

Of course liberals will turn their backs on what is going on, even try to say the woman should have done something else.

The problem is, its time to stand up for our women and allow women to fight back without fear that the PC crowd will defend the Islamic perverts.

Its sad when the media will jump all over Western men for sexual acts but defend the perverts of the muslim world.  If the liberal, PC apologetics don’t wake up soon, they could find themselves in a much different, and worse, world.