#BlackLivesMatters Told No!

What happens when a Black Lives Matters group holds a meeting in a public library, then says the meeting is only for ‘specific’ people of color?

Such a thing happened in Nashville when a BLM group wanted to use a public library for their meeting.  The only problem, only black people and ‘non-black’ people of color are allowed to attend.

Well much to BLM someone complained pointing out the meeting was in a public place supported by tax dollars.  As a result they could not limit who could be in the library at the time of the meeting.

Imagine if the KKK held a meeting in a public library and said only whites could show up.  Liberals and other groups would be rising all types of ruckus and telling everyone how racist the KKK is (not that anyone needs reminding that the KKK is a racist group).

However how BLM reacted shows how out of touch, and the intolerance of the group’s ideals are.

“Due to white supremacy in our local government, this week’s BLM General Body Meeting location has changed.”

Wow!  Enforcing the fact that no one is to be excluded is now white supremacy.

There was a time when blacks fought to not be segregated.  Now it appears groups like BLM want to be segregrated.