Net Worth

So I was curious and checked out the net worth of two democrat hopefuls for the next President of the USA.  What I found out was a bit of a shock and also very misleading.

Take Hillary Clinton.  According to some sites her net worth is only $21 million, give or take a million.  Not a whole lot, doesn’t sound that wealthy, but hold on, that’s not the Clinton’s whole net worth.

They didn’t factor in her husband, Bill Clinton.  He’s worth around $80 million which takes the Clintons upwards of over $100 million.

Now that sounds a bit more elitist.  But don’t worry, the press won’t focus on this, they’ll continue to focus on the mean rich Republicans.

But what about Joe Biden.  One site had his worth at $600,000!  Yep, Joe Biden is worth less than 1% of what Bill and Hillary are worth.

Wait a moment.  Joe Biden, who has been in politics since 1993 is only worth $600k.  How?  This is a man who is making $230,000 a year as VP, or more than a third of his current net worth.

Take into account his time as Senator where he had a continually rising salary starting at around $42,000 and going upward to $170,000, making roughly $3.8 million to go with about $1.2 million as VP, and this number seems awfully fishy.

So either he is hiding his wealth to appear more ‘normal’ or he was an incredibly wasteful spender.

Seeing how he is a politician, either one is possible.

In the end democrats are voting for a rich, white, old person.