Obama and the US Citizen

With the recent Iran agreement there came a question which the President not only refused to answer, but tried to berate the reporter over.  What was so insulting that a President would do this?

He asked if the President is ‘content’ with leaving behind four US citizens in Iran despite a deal.

His reply, “That’s nonsense. And you should know better.”

Actually Mr. President, we don’t know better, and your actions haven’t shown much to say you support US citizens which is why the question was presented.

A quick look at history of the Obama Administration and US citizens.

Look at Benghazi, several US citizens, soldiers and an ambassador were killed.  What was the outrage by the administration, blame a video for the violence and then take a while before even acknowledging it was a terror attack.  Solution, cover up details and restrain anyone from talking about it.

ISIS beheading a US citizen.  What did the President do then?  He gave a speech and then went golfing.  ISIS still is a major problem in the Middle East and the President still has no plans for anything to help beat them back aside from a few airstrikes and never showed much outrage against the beheading.

Then there is the Kathryn Steinle issue.  A US citizen killed by an illegal in San Francisco.  The actions by the administration on this?  Nothing except blaming gun laws not immigration issues.

The only time it even tried to do anything was the negotiation of a release of a marine for five terrorists.  It is also mentioned the marine was a traitor, but we don’t know due to gag orders and the administration covering it all up.

So its not surprising that Obama did not get the release of the US citizens in Iran.