So there is all this mess about recounts and liberals being whiny about how Trump isn’t their President.

However, if somehow, but some strange twist of fate of the universe the election is overturned and Hillary suddenly becomes President elect, will things calm down.

I seriously doubt it.  In fact, I have a feeling that the country would feel even more divided now than it was when Trump won.  Millions would feel that the election was stolen from them.  Remember, Hillary didn’t win a popular vote, for that you need 50% plus 1.

Its doubtful that liberals would be as gracious in victory as conservatives have been.  There would be thousands of liberals stating for Conservatives to grow up, especially if they went with the same message that Hillary is not their President.

Imagine the bad-mouthing liberals would do if conservatives went out into the street to protest, shut down traffic, whined non-stop.  Said they felt fearful for the future, and more.

Liberals only seem to like to divide the country more and more.  I see nothing from the left which would bring about healing within the nation.  All Hillary and the left would do is divide it even more.