Debate Proposal

Well the first debate has come and gone.  What was learned.

Nothing much really.  The press is actively pressing that Hillary won despite heavy help from the moderator.  In fact, most of the discussion outside of the media has been on Holt and the terrible job he did.

Now I have a proposal for the debate.

The moderator steps out, announces the debate.  The two candidates step out to behind their podiums (which have their microphones turned off).  Moderator tells audience how things are going to happen.

He (or she) will reach into the container, perhaps a fishbowl, in front of them and pull out the question (which will be less than 100 words long).  The question will then be read to the candidates.

Upon finishing, candidate A will have 3-6 minutes to answer the question.  A digital counter will countdown the time.  The candidate’s microphone will then be turned on, the candidate will answer the question.  When time is over the microphone will turn off regardless if the candidate is still talking or has even answered the question.

Candidate B will then be given the same amount of time to either answer or rebuke.

After the time is over, moderator will reach in, pull out another question, and will alternate which candidate answers first.  The only thing the moderator does is ask the questions, nothing else.

Candidates will know how much time they have, a countdown timer will be facing them, along with everyone else in audience and on TV.  The candidates microphone is only on when they are answering a question in the time given.

I don’t see it happening though, this wouldn’t allow the media to give an advantage to one side.