GOP Convention

So, reading media, social media, twitter and such the GOP Convention came.

What was the big story?  Trump winning the nomination?

Nope, it was actually a speech given by Melania Trump.  It appears that she took some 50 or so words from a speech that Michelle Obama gave 8 years ago.

The amount of attention this has received is almost overwhelming by the liberal media.  People would think she did the entire speech, all 17 minutes of it.  Or that she said something really bad.

No, the media latched onto this for one reason, and one reason only.  They could attack Trump with this.

The biggest problem is this really is an irrelevant item.  Melania Trump is not running for office.  Add in the fact other politicians have done this as well and it really becomes a non-issue.

Oh, yeah, in other news at the convention Trump won the nomination for Republican Presidential Candidate.

Go Trump!