9/11 and Saudi Arabia

Lately there have been several news reports involving Saudi Arabia and links to 9/11.

First off there is a bill in Congress to allow US citizens to sue the Saudi Arabia’s government over what happened.  Many, including Ryan and McConnell are against the bill and the Saudi government itself has threatened reparations if the bill is passed.

But more than that, reading comments about the story are the people who are linking this to the conspiracy of 9/11.  We all know the one, in which the US government (Bush or Cheney) not only knew of the attack but were responsible for it.

These people obviously failed to read what is going on.  There appears to have been an official from the Saudi government which took a flight class at the same time as the bombers.

No, this information doesn’t point to the US government at all, but asks questions about what the involvement was with the Saudi government.

People have questioned this aspect of the 9/11 attacks for a while, but please, lets not confuse it with the idiotic conspiracy that the US planned it.  If the Saudi government, or even some officials were involved, that’s a huge difference than claiming the US government carried out the attacks.

Of course, when dealing with such things, its best to stick with cold, hard facts.